Sportsbook Software for Bookies and Sports Bettors

The bread and butter of is the sports betting platform, or better known as, the sportsbook. To begin betting on sports you simply click “Sports” from the main menu.


Once you do that, will lead you through a series of steps making it very easy to complete your wager(s).


The first thing to do is select your wager type. The available wager types are:

  • Straight
  • Parlay
  • Teaser
  • Round Robin
  • If Win Tie
  • Win Reverse
  • Action Reverse

After selecting the wager type you prefer, a very easy to use screen appears with all of the sports and bets available to you.


After you choose a sport and hit continue, now it’s time to select your teams and actual bets you’d like to place. Again, this screen is very easy to use and intuitive.


Now that you have selected your teams, it’s time to enter the amount of money you’d like to bet on each of the teams/bets you chose on the previous screen.


Finally, you can review your bets one last time and then finalize them all. It’s really as easy as that in the sportsbook. Some sportsbooks make it very difficult to navigate and you feel like you are constantly guessing the next step. As you can see from the above instructions, makes it super easy to place a bet.

We also have a nice mobile betting platform for those of you interested in betting on the go. It’s very nice to be able to place a quick bet from the road.

You can also view your Open Bets and bet history with the click of a button. The odds are also super competitive, meaning we don’t make you pay any extra juice and often times it’s less juice than some other sportsbooks.

Our sport selection ranges from the popular sports such as NFL and NBA to soccer and rugby. We have a very wide variety of sports to bet on providing something for everyone.

Lastly, a convenient search bar is available in our sportsbook. This allows you to quickly find a team that you are wanting to bet on.

At the end of the day, our sportsbook can compete with any of them in the industry. Take some time and get familiar with the easy steps to place a bet and start winning today.