Betting on the horses has become quite popular over the last few years. The problem with many offshore sportsbooks these days, is that their Racebook is very complicated.

That is NOT a problem here at America’s Bookie. We make it very easy to simply bet on which horses you think will Win, Place and Show in upcoming racing events.

Let’s go straight into how easy it is to place a horse racing bet at America’s Bookie. First, you simply select the “Horses” icon from the top menu bar as seen below.

Once you have done that, a list of all the available horse racing events that you can wager on appears. You need to select the event you’d like to bet on.

After you have selected a race, a very handy status indicator appears on the next few screens. This indicates where you are on your journey to complete your horse racing wager.

Now it’s time to select which type of horse racing bet you are going to make. Each track and race has a slightly different set of horse racing bets available to you. But here is a list of types you may see available: Win/Place/Show, Exacta, Exacta Box Trifecta, Trifecta Box, Quinella, Quinella Box, Pick 3.

You also determine how much (Amount) you are going to wager on this bet.

After you have selected the bet type, the bottom of that page automatically refreshes with a very easy selection screen. You can now select the horses you’d like in the format you would like them.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this screen is very clear and simple to use. It displays the horse number, horse name, jockey and odds. And has a convenient check box area for you to select the horses you’d like to include in your wager.

After you have selected your horses, you must not review your bet. Once you click the Confirm button — this wager has been placed.

Horse Racing betting is really that simple here at America’s Bookie. We pride ourselves on making it easy for you and taking the guess work out of it.

Not only is our interface simple, but there are a few benefits we have over other sites as well. First, we pay track odds on the Win/Place/Show bets. This is something not many others in the industry do.

Secondly, we allow you to save your favorite race tracks. Once you have marked a race track as “Favorite” it will show up in a special section on the Horses main page. See the screenshot below for how to mark a track as “Favorite”.